California Casual

This interior design provides a chic, inviting, and relaxing home ambience planned with low-maintenance, canine-friendly materials. Inspired by an artistic interpretation of Southern Californian plants, this home design strives to combine the best of contemporary and bohemian style for a ‘California Casual’ aesthetic.

Interior Design by AmyChristine Lindenau Interiors.

See the Full Design: California Casual in San Jose

Work from Home in Comfort and Style

Working from home has become more popular and necessary than ever, and this shift is big news for interior design! Whether you’ve learned that you now need video conference-ready office-scapes or find yourself frustrated with a sense of work-home conflict, an updated interior design can change any room into a successful home office.

Interior Design by AmyChristine Lindenau Interiors.

california casual home office living room

Work feels a lot better when it happens in a functional, holistic home office!

What’s Your Favorite Style?

Style can be difficult to pinpoint and define, but understanding the characteristics that define the many different styles of interior design can empower you to create more stylistically cohesive and impactful interior designs.

Interior Designs by AmyChristine Lindenau Interiors

The Right Color Palettes for Any Situations

Using color in interior design is more than just having a trendy hunch–there’s an art and science to using color in holistic interior design. Since each room of your home accommodates different functional needs, different color schemes can be beneficial for different environments.

Interior Designs by AmyChristine Lindenau Interiors

What Goes Into Space Planning?

The key to a functional and beautiful interior design lies with thoughtful space planning! Space planning is the phase of an interior design job focused on identifying client goals and objectives in terms of how a space will work functionally, physically, and even psychologically.

Interior Design by AmyChristine Lindenau Interiors

Learn More about Successfully Using Space in Holistic Interior Design

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Back to the Basics

What makes an interior look and feel professionally curated? Oftentimes the answer lies in understanding how the smaller elements and building blocks of the design interact with one another, visually, physically, and functionally.

Interior Designs by AmyChristine Lindenau Interiors


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